In the summer of 2015, I was part of The Martin Agency's intern program, The Kitchen.

In order to introduce us to the rest of the agency, Martin hosted a mixer and asked us to individually create something that represented us to be displayed as a conversation starter. Since there were 7 of us (interns) and letters in KITCHEN we divided the letters and created an installation.

I had the letter "E" and filled it with doodles. Why an octopus? Because they are awesome and I thought it would look cool.

I shaved off my beard a couple of days into my internship. Then I remembered the reason why I grew a beard in the first place (20 extra pounds and a weak chin).

Title: "EEEEeeeeeeeeee"
Artist: Ray Tolbert
Medium: Illustration, Pencil & Pen, Photoshop

I've doodled my way through every class, meeting and phone call over 45 seconds. My doodles have frustrated teachers, gotten me fired from jobs and impressed zero girls in high school.

I enjoyed making that giant doodle so much I made another for my sister-in-law, Kate (K), for Christmas. It incorporated many of her favorite geek-themed characters (Wonder Woman, Buffy, Hermoine, Firefly, The Doctor, The Flash and more)